Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Victim to Victor

One day I woke and began to think over my life. I thought about all the hurt that I endured through the past years. I wondered why I allowed myself to be a victim of emotional abuse. For so many years I thought things would change, but eventually the abuse and rejection came back again and again. I believe that if I stayed there time would change my outcome. I began to feel like I was worthless, not wanted, rejection began to set in and depression.

Well what changed how I began think and look at myself was pne phone call. I received a call from someone I hold dear to my heart. She told me she had a dream about me and in the dream she described everything I was actually going through. Her last words she told me was “ God said you were going to come out of this alright”
From that very moment God allowed me to realize to be no more a Victim but to be a Victor. God instructed me to stop seeing myself as a victim and began to speak positive to my situation. No More Victim!
I had to make the choice to allow a change. The choice was up to me to arise from Victim to Victor and from Prey to Pray. It's your decision, you decide!

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